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Shirt Wash And Press Services

Shirt Wash And Press Services in Cork

Excellent Dry Cleaners LTD, Cork

Are you looking for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services near your home? Here we go! We are a leading commercial laundromat and dry cleaner in Cork, offering professional laundry cleaning services to your business and home. We recognise that today’s professionals have an extremely busy schedule. This leaves you with little to no time for laundry. If you need a professional laundry service near me, we have you covered. Excellent Dry Cleaners LTD provides a wide range of laundry cleaning services around Cork. Whether you need us for a commercial or home environment, we have broad skills in any fabric. We also offer business and domestic cleaning services at Excellent Clean LTD. Shirt Wash And Press Services in Cork
We strive to deliver competitive rates and value for money service at all times. Excellent Dry Cleaners Ltd. is versatile and skilled enough to complement a wide range of business industries, maximising our service potential. These include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

We understand the importance of how a clean and crisp shirt looks and feels to wear. Therefore, we take pride in our thorough and bespoke shirt cleaning service.

We start by checking and spotting all shirts for stains, which are treated accordingly. We then launder and press the shirts on our state-of-the-art machinery.  We then return your shirt neatly folded or on a hanger.

Shirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe; they complete an outfit and lend an air of refined elegance. They can be made to order, ensuring a snug and flattering fit that also strikes an excellent harmony. However, there are risks associated with shirts. If left unwashed, shirts can shrink and wear out sooner than their average lifespan.
Having your clothing cleaned and pressed will make it look like new. They include treating stains beforehand, washing with good detergent, and pressing with high-tech irons. This method guarantees clean, neat lines at the collar and sleeve hems of your clothes.
The shirt cleaning and pressing services at Excellent Dry Cleaners are second to none. We devote close attention to getting rid of stains and making sure collars and cuffs are crisp. We are very particular about the quality of our work, and we only use the highest-grade eco-friendly detergents. Our service is ideal for busy families or those with many children because it is both quick and easy to use. Shirts improve your appearance, so you should treat them with special care.

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Same-Day Shirt Wash And Press Services in Cork

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Excellent Dry Cleaners in Cork specialises in all shirt services including Shirts Laundry. Our stain removal process can perfectly remove dirt and sweat stains from the collars and sleeves of shirts. we work with the skilled specialists who are experienced and well aware of the detailed process of Shirts Laundry. They understand all kinds of fabric and the cleaning process involved with them. From stain removals to hand finish packing and perfection, we will ensure the professional cleaning of your shirts everytime you bring them to us. We are committed to use only the best Eco-Friendly cleaning solvents that are not only Soft to the Shirt Fabrics but are Pleasant to Smell too.

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service In Cork

Fast, fresh and friendly dry cleaning

Don’t panic, our professional dry cleaners will revive your wardrobe favourites in no time. Let’s freshen things up for you.

Excellent Dry Cleaners in Cork is pleased to be the industry pioneer in eco-friendly dry cleaning, focusing on both the well-being of your garments and the planet’s health. Our dedication to environmental responsibility governs every facet of our business.
We use cutting-edge equipment that is kind to the environment and biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for your clothes and the world. Our state-of-the-art tools allow for spotless cleaning while decreasing our energy usage and, thus, our environmental impact.
We also encourage the use of non-disposable hangers and clothing bags. We also have a program for collecting and recycling hangers from our clients.
If you’re looking for eco-friendly dry cleaning in Cork, look no further than Excellent Dry Cleaners, where your clothes will receive the highest quality care while still positively influencing the planet. Join our movement to help us realize our vision of a brighter, greener future for humanity.

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Laundry service for your business!

in Bishopstown

Our Dry cleaning involves step by step stages into which in detailing of cleaning process takes place under the professional staff who has been trained and acquired extensive knowledge to make sure the garments are well taken care so that the garments are return soft and fresh.

Our team members are trained to use the machinery tools which cleans the garment 100% and is taken care well advanced in a manner to get a new look whenever it is wore , once it is returned from us. All garments from shirts to evening wear are hand finished and packed by hand for the finest finish.


Along with the perks of quality and convenience, our dry cleaning services in Cork are available at very
reasonable and affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for?

Why not leave your dry cleaning services with professionals while you are busy creating a stylish look


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