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14 Apr
Posted by:  drycleaners

Finding the Best Local Laundromat In Cork Near Me

Finding a trustworthy and high-quality laundry and dry cleaner is crucial if you care about the cleanliness and freshness of your clothing. Excellent Dry Cleaners is pleased to introduce you to the finest laundry and dry cleaners in all suburbs of Cork, where we emphasize quality and client happiness.

Here are a few tips to remember while looking around for the best laundromat near you.

Our Process of Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Apart from our competitors, we use state-of-the-art technology to safely eliminate stains, odors, and filth while protecting the fabric of your garments. We use the most cutting-edge methods and the highest-quality green-certified detergents in the business. The steps of our cleaning procedure are as follows:

Step 1: Sorting

Once we receive your clothes, we categorize the laundry by color, fabric type, and care instructions. This guarantees that each piece of clothing is properly cared for and helps to prevent any bleeding of colors.

Step 2: Stain Treatment

Any stains or spots that can be seen on the garments are pre-treated with stain treatment agents or methods before washing.

Step 3: Washing

After the clothing has been sorted, it is put into industrial washers. We utilize detergents and additives designed for specific fabrics and levels of soiling.


Step 4: Drying

When the washing machine is done, the clothes go to the dryers. The dryers used by the washing service are calibrated to the appropriate temperatures to dry the clothes thoroughly without shrinking or damaging them.

Step 5: Ironing

After drying, clothes that need to be ironed or pressed are separated out. We use industrial irons and steamers to get rid of creases and give your clothes a clean, stunning appearance.

Step 6: Packaging

Once ironing is completed, our professionals utilize hangers or folding boards to keep clothes neat and presentable while they’re being cleaned.

Step 7: Quality Control

We make sure all goods are clean, stains are removed, and clothes are in good condition before returning them to the customer since we work for client happiness.

Dry Cleaning And Laundry Services in Cork

Excellent Dry Cleaners LTD, Cork

Are you looking for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services near your home? Here we go! We are a leading commercial laundromat and dry cleaner in Cork, offering professional laundry cleaning services to your business and home. We recognise that today’s professionals have an extremely busy schedule. This leaves you with little to no time for laundry. If you need a professional laundry service near me, we have you covered. Excellent Dry Cleaners LTD provides a wide range of laundry cleaning services around Cork. Whether you need us for a commercial or home environment, we have broad skills in any fabric. We also offer business and domestic cleaning services at Excellent Clean LTD.
We strive to deliver competitive rates and value for money service at all times. Excellent Dry Cleaners Ltd. is versatile and skilled enough to complement a wide range of business industries, maximising our service potential. These include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Best Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork

Throughout Cork City and surrounding areas, Excellent Clean LTD has the safety of our clients in mind. Our House cleaning services are designed to be tough on germs, dirt, and grime, but safe for your family and gentle on your home’s surfaces. We use EPA-registered cleaning products for all of our Residential cleaning services, and for our Deep cleaning services, we use products that clean your surfaces and protect your home.


We are fully insured knowledgeable and competent when it comes to health and safety standards.
We have qualified staff that hold Safe passes and Manual Handling. Whether you are looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork or other Residential cleaningsOffice cleaning services in Cork

Excellent Clean LTD is committed to your well-being. We are also thoroughly trained in the proper products and procedures to offer effective, safe cleanings, and are insured and bonded to protect your best interests. Do not forget to check out our Cleaning Tips

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